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Island hopping Boracay - By charter Sailboat

For people who want to reward themselves

Island hopping by sailboat in Boracay. ✅ You will it. Exclusive ⚓ charter.  "It's the natural way." Enjoy total peace and quiet under sails.

The exclusive way in Boracay

The exlusive way of ⚓ island hopping in ✅ Boracay, is to ✅ sail with us from Boracay to Carabao Island and back. Exclusivity means, to bring you to places, "off the beaten trail", away from mass- tourism. It stands for excellent dining and activities.  We sail the most direct and safest route.   See sailing route.

Exclusive sailboat charter also means, that you sail all by yourself. The advantage is, that you don't have to share a boat with other people you don't know. Actually, once you confirmed a day of sailing, you will get exacly what we agreed to in writing. You will not have to share any space on the boat or inthe restaurant. It's completely exclusive


Why exclusive charter?

  • If you want peace & quiet, that's what you'll get.
  • Because us too, like it the quiet way, respectfull for the nature.
  • Because the break you deserve, you'll get it the sailing way.

Sailing between the shores

We prefer to go to places,  where only very few people go.  Beaches on Carabao Island are not of  white sand. They are wild and mostly unexplored. Exactly that, makes them not crowded. Carabao is a pearl of peaceful nature to explore. Yet, traveling with us means, it's still - all about sailing. "The way is the goal."  (Gandhi)

Island hopping Boracay
Island hopping Boracay
Boat rental for Island hopping in Boracay
Boat rental for Island hopping Boracay

Where you dine

We took time to find a good restaurant as partner, that would match the style and class, we want to offer you. We are more than happy to cooperate with "The Beach House". A hotel and restaurant, built in Victorian style. 1.st class as well, is the food and the way it is presented. Island hopping Boracay exclusively for you. Have a look.

Dining in style
Dining in Style
Special offer
The light way of sailing

"Island hopping light" stands for easy sailing between the islands right next to Boracay Island.

It is designed for people who don't want to go out for a whole day but still go sailing and see the beautiful places near Boracay Island. It's perfect for people, planing on a smaller budget, for elderly who don't like higher waves or familys with kids.

Info Island hopping light

Island hopping premium
Island hopping Premium
Boracay Island hopping BBQ
Island hopping BBQ
Island hopping Boracay with kids
Perfect for families & kids
The tours

The premium way

Sailing the ✨ “Misty Morning” as  ⚓ daytrip is an ✅ unforgettable Boracay Island hoppingBoracay boat rental experience. We guarantee a real exclusive sailing adventure by taking a maximum of 6 guests on one boat for a daytrip. For larger groups, we provide extra sailboats. Boracay Island hopping at its best.

Why exlusive?

  • Because only you, decide where to go
  • If you like to really relax, with no other people on board, it's the way to go.
  • The whole boat and crew, is there, for only you.

You are the one to decide, where to go and what to do there. Of course, being sailors we have to fix planes, also according to weather, wind and waves. We will find a way, to make your day. If you are happy in the end, we are. There are also some more interesting ways to explore the islands upon special inqiry. Read more

Most exiting day trip

We do have several routes to offer and sail on your Boracay Island hopping tour.  An Island hopping daytrip can be - sailing to beautiful Carabao Island. Carabao Island in many ways is, what Boracay Island used to be like - many years ago. A big differece are the beaches. Don't expect fine white sand like in Boracay. On Carabao Island they are partly even gravely. Carabao shows lots of varietys of wild nature, lonely beaches, good places for snorkeling in chrystal clear water. Combined with sailing there, it's a "once in a lifetime experience".

As an idea

If you want to finish your day with a smoothe sunset sailing experience, just let us know in advance. While you freshen up in your hotel, the crew will stick around with the boat in the meantime and wait until your reserved time. So it's all yours again.

Idea where to dine. If you let us know in advance, our tour guide will lead you through the fresh food market and go shopping with you on De Talipapa Market. Fresh foods you buy there, will be cooked for you in the surrounding restaurants. It's always conveniant, to go there with a local, to achieve better bargains.
New option: Island hopping light

Boracay Island hopping
Boracay Island hopping
Boracay Island hopping
Fishing boats Carabao Island
Carabao Beach
Carabao Beach
Sailing & Environnement
Sailing & environmental correctness

If you have seen (like us) Boracay Island 20 or more years ago and you see it now, you will notice, how dramatically the environnement has been harmed. There's a video online, where you see some guy selling a tour, stepping with his shoes on the corals, feeding the fish, so the guests have an attraction. There's a trafficjam like in New York at every rushhour, polluting this little island's air. And so many more things. Lots of areas are completely trashed out. And and and. Pollution of air, of water, of land and of different kinds of noise. Boracay still is a very beautiful place. But it really takes a lot of energy and activities, to keep it attractive so it can still be called "one of the best beaches in the world", even in 20 years from today. That is, when Boracay's children will be grown ups and want a job in a healthy environnement. No healthy environnement, no tourists, - no jobs. Simple as that.

If you want to do something, that is ecological correct, that does not harm the evironnement and is lots of fun on top of it, island hopping by sailboat is the way to go. Boracay's Governement already does a lot to keep Boracay a clean island. They have an eye on littering or smoking on the beach and they put up signs "Don't litter". But it's not enough. Yet, if every visitor adds his little part, it might get near somewhere, being useful for Boracay Island.

But if you go sailing with us, you don't have to worry about all that. We do not allow cans on board, in order not to produce garbage. The energy that drives our boat, is the wind. The only noise you might hear, is the sound of the wind in our sails. We think, island hopping the way we do, is ecologically correct.

This way to preserve Boracay Island's nature, is fully supported by the MASBOI and its President Mr. Manni Casidsid.

Story of "Allannaaaping"


How did we get the idea?

One day, our sailboat, the "Misty Morning" had just been launched, we took an evening stroll near station one. Station one? Right,  the place you run (if you want or not) into many streetvendors trying to sell either a hat, sunglasses, souvenirs, massages and - now it comes: "Allannaaping". Being in Boracay for a short term, this can be quite nervewrecking. If you stay for a while, with the time you learn to ignore it. "Buy Sunglasses mom" or "buy a hat sir", is understadable.  But "Allannaaping"? We stopped one evening to ask a guy, what the "Allanaapping" he was offering, really meant. He showed us a little postcard with all kinds of Boracay activities. And under one picture, the one he kept pointing at, it said: "Island hopping"

We pointed on it and he was real glad, we had finally found out, what he thought was English and meant: Alllannaaping. We thought, "Allannaaaping" was a wonderful idea, so we took it into our sailing programm. And you can bet; people love Allanaaping with us. ((:- Boracay Island hopping by sailboat: The way to go.

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By motorboat

The clean and well maintained island hopping motorboats are safe and big enough, to bring you to any destination around Boracay Island. Our most favourite island hopping tour brings you to Carabao Island. The pleasant ride takes about 45 minutes, alongside Boracay Island and as well Carabao Island. For those, who are interested to see more of the great places around Boracay and those, who want to say in the end, that they have seen more than a hotel, or a budget hotel and strip of beach, island hopping with luch by motorboat, as a group or exclusive, is the way to go.

Meet friendly people

Of course you will meet all kinds of people from many different country's. And that's one of the greater things on this kind of tour. If you want, you will enjoy your lunch with  people you never met before and make friends. The very friendly atmosphere during our island hopping trips makes meeting other people easy. Not seldom it happens, that folks who met on one of our Boracay island hopping tours, would end up in a Boracay Restaurant or enjoy the nightlive in the evening and become friends and meet for so many other things to do on the island.

Many changes throughout the years

Us, the creators of Boracay-activities.ph have been to the island back in 1995. Boracay had its very own charm then. It was a great relaxed place, basically being visited by so called “travellers”. Not much to do there, but to hang out on the beach, maybe rent a small outrigger sail boat and visit a bar in the night. Stone houses? Not that we can think of. Huts on the beach with one or two beds in it. Hotels or fancy restaurants in Boracay did not exist. That was it. Shingley wasn't born yet. One day, probably around 1997, at the entrance of the island we saw a sign: “Welcome to Boracay tourist resort”. That – was an indicator of the island's new destination.

In later years

In later years, pollution was a word in most every visitors mouth. Unclean water and suige was lead by many hotels, strait into the ocean. Plastic bottles on the beach, stinking tricycles clogged the tiny roads. With every heavy rain, the streets were completely folded. And all the poison the waters would carry, flooded the small place. As a result, lots of sickness, food poisoning and dinghy fever. In exactly that time, everyone taking the boat to Boracay, was charged an “environment fee”.

It took President Duterte to stop the mess (and save the island)

All would have probably carried on the way it did, causing for sure, the island's early end, had not the President of the Philippines, President Mr. Duterte - set an end to it all. It was him, who closed the entire place for a general clean up. Lots of illegal places were closed, water pipes renewed, streets widened, lots-of tricycles run on electric power now. The Governement of the Philippines invested quite a bit of money, to save one of the words most famous islands.  took And once more, Boracays looks are not at all comparable to the island we hang out on, back in the eighty's. Yet -  it now  feeds a lot of  family's with kids. For sure, one generation ahead, had it gone on like it did, it would not have fed anybody.

No island hopping in Boracay during its closure

In the time of closure of course, lots of people and businesses did suffer. On a place like Boracay Island, most shops and businesses are based on tourism. But even in places near Boracay, like Caticlan, where a whole fleet of cargo boats, which would normally supply the island with all needs, came to a standstill. Almost no planes landed on the airport anymore and left people unemployed. Sailors, who rented their sail boats had to stay at home. But all of that, was yesterday. Island hopping works again, the sailors sail and the shops are back in business. And everyone knows, had it not been for this major cut, the whole place would have collapsed within the shortest time. Now, island hopping Boracay, is a new, joyfull experience.


Carabao Island is still very calm and heavy tourism has not taken place there yet. It has lots of wild beaches and fairly untouched nature to offer. One of the reasons is, that the beaches are not all of fine white sand, like the onesin Boracay. Still the island maintained its very original charm and is well worth a trip.

Boracay activities

Of course, also the kind of activities you can do in Boracay have changed since 1985, when we first landed there. There are lots of water sport activities like Jet Ski riding, a banana boat, you can fly around the island by helicopter, there is a golf course as well as horseback riding and much more to explore and have a wonderful time. Being asked, if we would have stayed Boracay longer, back in the eighty's, had it been the way it is now? The clear answer is no. But – back in time we were young travellers, exploring the world. Now, we are old folks and probably have a strong tendency to stay in one of the fancier hotels in Boracay. Times change; people do too.

Exclusive sailing Premium guided tours A "once in a lifetime experience"
Island hopping Boracay


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