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What things to do on Boracay Island

Apart from enjoying the beaches or go for a sailing trip, there are various things to do on the island.
Sample any pictures on the right site for ideas of what things to do in Boracay.
You will be amazed by the great variety of underwater sceneries around the Boracay reefs.


Boracay Island - Things to do

Things to do in Boracay
Things to do in Boracay

If you like scuba diving, there is quite a number of businesses that will offer diving courses for beginners or take “professional” divers out to sea. You don’t have to bring your own equipment in most cases. Diving-equipment can be rented at all of the Boracay diving schools. Diving - besides Paraw sailing, is one of the most liked things to do on Boracay Island.
The site: Boracay things to do - has been created, to give some general ideas of what one can do in terms of sports, shopping, sunset sailing, island hopping, entertainment and how to spend your time when you aren't hanging out on the beach suntanning.
There are also plenty of things to do in Boracay that are ecologically unsound that won't be mentioned here. We think, the place is - in many aspects, in danger of being ruined. Finally some people - like the sailing organisation MASBOI have stood up and supported at least a non-smoking ordinance on beaches to keep them clean. If you want to do something that does not harm the environment at all, you can rent a sailboat. There are many more ideas in terms of what things to do and things that just can't wait to be done, to save the environment of Boracay Island. If you want to know what things you can do at night - check this: Boracay nightlife.

Boracay things to do

Boracay things to do

If you want to go scuba diving, golfing, swimming or do any other holiday Boracay activities, there's always your little personal part of what you can do to keep the place a "paradise island".
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There is a great choice of what things to do in Boracay.


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Boracay Activities