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Why us?

For people who want to reward themselves

Who are we?

It's only two of us: Chris Van Den Jong - passionate sailor and creator of the sailboat Misty Morning. Profession: SEO (Searchengine optimizer) and Internet marketing specialist - Europe.  Ms. Evelyn Tolinero, your Contact in Boracay. Marketing- office, sailor and tour guide. We work together with fluctuating sailing crews. All of them are routined sailors.

We are dedicated to „silent tourism“. Exclusive and „off the beaten trail“ What does it mean, what can you expect? First of all, we want to share with you the joy of real sailing. To be out there in the elements, feel the wind and waves and see the islands around Boracay from a totally different point of view. We'll be far away from air- conditioned places, mass- tourism and commerce. It's the real Philippines, the people, their culture and a great invironment we want introduce on our island hopping tours.

Your tour guide

Tour Guide

To make you feel at ease all the way, our Tour Guide Ms. Evelyn Tolinero will be to your assistence. Our guide speaks good English and has been working in the tourist- business for many years. She knows her way around well on Carabao island as well as all other places around Boracay Island, to guide you well, safe and in comfort, to where ever you please to go. Read more

The way is the goal
The way is the goal
M. Gandhi

It's the way you chose to travel, which makes all the difference."The way is the goal". It's the sailing itself, in uncounted shades of blue, seeing the Islands and nature around Boracay in a way, very few people do.

Why silent tourism?

Silent Tourism

Boracay in many ways has become a party place. Lots of action - but not very relaxing. Strengh lies in calmess. To find back to mental health & recreation, sailing is the way to go. Give yourself a brake - you deserve it.

You are, what it's all about

"Boracay Sailing"

You are in the focus of everything. We give our very best, to make your time with us a preciouse one. You will not for a second, feel like just another customer, but you will know, we care. If you are happy in the end, we are.

Our prefered place

Carabao Island

Our prefered place is Carabao Island. It's quiet there, very beautiful, great secret places for snorkeling. On Carabao Island we offer to take you to a great Filippino restaurant, go snorkeling, explore the place or just sit and enjoy the peaceful magic of its sites.

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Boracay Activities