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Carabao Island - Sectet hideaway near Boracay Island

Carabao Island

Carabao Island. A true paradise just a little over an hour by charter sailboat from Boracay.

Who wants to get away from crowded beaches, traffic and noise, on Carabao Island he will find true peace of mind.

You can explore its wild nature by hiking or bicycle, go scubadiving, snorkeling, or just relax on the beach.

Carabao Island’s beaches

Beach on Carabao Island

You can not compare the beaches in Boracay with the beautiful, deserted and secluded beaches on Carabao.
Right where we go on shore, the beaches are not white sand. A bit wild and partly even gravely. If you want sandy beaches, Carabao also has them. We can sail you there. Just let us know.

The beaches do have a character of their own. Long and lonely beaches, palmtrees, children playing in the crystal- clear water. It is like a in very special dream. We offer day  trips on our charter sail boat the “Misty Morning. A trip to Carabao Island includes your personal pick up in Boracay or Caticlan, cold drinks on board, a spectacular bluewater sail  and a delicious lunch or breakfast.

Island hopping by sailboat
Island - hopping by sailboat

Hotels on Carabao Island.

Hotel in Carabao Island we can recommend, that be have visited.

Hotel in Carabau
The "Beach House" terasse
Hotel in Carabau - lunch
Carabao Island Hotels
The Beach House

The "Beach House" is run with a lot of passion and love by the owner.
It has very special special class.

Hidden beach
Snorkeling in Carabao's wild nature
Carabao Island with Boracay in the background

Carabao Island – Not a second Boracay

Somewhere we read, "Carabao Island is the second Boracay".
It is not. And we hope, not to do wrong to the Island, by making it more visual here.
Yes, Boracay does have  nicer beaches. This is, why most people go to there. Carabao in many ways is a place of wild nature and is not touristy at all. It has it's very own charme. If you like to take a brake from crowded beaches and mass tourism, this is the place to go. To visit the island by sailboat is a great experience in itself and the perfect idea for an island hopping daytrip by boat rental or yacht charter with "Boracay Sailing"

One of the hidden places on Carabao Island
Carabao Island beaches

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