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Island hopping Boracay – Carabao Island direct route. Tour One

The Island hopping tour one leads directly from station one in Boracay to Carabao Island. Depending on weather, wind and waves, one way will take between one hour to one hour and a half.The sail is partly through “bluewater” and in the straight between Boracay and Carabao Island you can expect some higher waves.

It is real sailing as can be.

Upon arrival on Carabao Island you can go straight to the lovely beach hotel and take a rest for a drink, breakfast or lunch. Lunch or breakfast is included in our price.

If you wish, we can take you to a great snorkeling area. Of course we can also discover places to go snorkeling or have a picnic somewhere along the beautiful shoreline of Carabao Island.

Island hopping prices

The price depends on the services you choose for your tour.
Give us a call or inqire by our booking form.

If you like assistance, our hostess will gladly pick you up at your hotel.

We are looking forward to meet you.

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Boracay Activities