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Many of the restaurants and eating places outside the big hotels and resorts are located around the middle section of White Beach, particularly in or around D’Mall a shopping center of over 160 shops and eateries. There are now even laces to get a quick bite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Restaurants on the seafront are generally going to cost more but one pays to enjoy the setting.

As in most of Asia, the staple of Filipino food is rice and being a group of islands, fish and seafood is what they seem to do best. Unfortunately, Filipino cuisine is honestly not remarkable like Thai or Vietnamese nor universally liked as say Chinese or Italian.

Things like pickled fertilized eggs can even seem better suited to a reality show where one has to endure the unlikable. For meat eaters, one will see that Filipino dishes are more concentrated on chicken and pork rather than beef since there is not a lot of grazing land for cattle, most cultivated land being used for growing rice. As a tropical island, Boracay has plenty of fruits including some of the best mangos to be found anywhere.

Many tourists also enjoy to visit the D’Talipapa market, easy walking distance from White Beach boat station 2 where one can pick out their own seafood or meat and have it grilled there. Best to ask locals about the prices in the market or even have them buy something for you or else you’ll probably pay the “gringo” price.


Restaurants in Boracay

Resaurants in Boacay

Boracay would not be a popular tourist place though if the restaurants didn’t cater to international tastes. Accordingly, if you don’t care for the local dishes, one can still find their favourite style of Asian food be it Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai or Indian. One of the reasons is that Boracay draws not only Filipino and Western tourists but many fellow Asians as well.

One will usually find a correlation between really good foreign fare and price but Italian, German, Spanish, Greek, French, Mexican or what ever type restaurants you desire, you’ll find it on Boracay. A quick burger or slice of pizza can be a cheap meal if you feel like a something familiar or get tired of rice and fish.

Over the years, a lot of foreigners that run restaurants have established themselves on Boracay and opened places to eat, so you tend to find authenticity rather than some clueless version common at other tourist destinations. Fusing the best of local offerings and western taste, one will find plenty of fruit shakes or say a mango and chocolate crepe. Cafesand bakeries - even integrated in hotels, are one of the latest trends to hit the island, something not usually to be found outside of Manila if at all in the Philippines. Many hotels run their own restaurants. So - make it one of your Boracay things to do, to explore them.

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