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Island hopping is just one – but one of the most exiting ways to see Boracays surrounding islands, as you see on this island hopping video. Island hopping by sailboat is one of the most relaxed ways to get from place to place. This video has been taken on an Island hopping tour between Boracay and Carabao Island. “Island hopping” – makes it sound like the next island is just a jump away.
Depending, from which angle on Boracay you travel - for example to Carabao Island, is quite a ride. Even by motorboat.

Isand hopping videos

We cut several island hopping videos to leave you with a clear imression, what it will be like to sail with our charter sail boat.

Our sailboat, the “Misty Morning” (the one you see on this island hopping video) will take, leaving from Station one, about an hour and a half to sail to Carabao Island. If you want to sail all around Boracy to go there, it already is an exiting  Island hopping adventure and a daytrip.

On several videos as well as video presentations of Boracay companys that are specialized on island hopping tours, you will see a great choice. We would like to welcome you on our sailboat. The charter boat can handle a maximum of 6 passengers for an island hopping trip.

Of curse we can handle a capacity of up to 10 people for a sunset sailing trip. But to sail partly across “blue water” – far away from shore, you will want to sit comfotably and not cramped into a crowd. Plus – you will sail with our boat an crew, having the feeling, that it’s you – what it’s all about.

Hopefully this Island hopping video could give you a good idea of what it could be like, to be sailing with us.


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