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Sunset sailing Boracay

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Sunset cruising Boracay

Sunset sailing on a Paraw  charter sailboat is of the most enjoyable things to do on Boracay Island. Sunset cruising into the warm breeze of a romantic Boracay evening.

The winds around sunset are not strong – so you can expect a smoothe sail and watch one of these famous Boracay sunsets.

Sunset cruising Boracay

Our Paraw sailboat can carry up to 6 and more people on its outrigger wings. We do have a coolbox on board for cold drinks during your enjoyable sunset sailing ride. However, when there are no higher waves and calm winds, which is often te fact on a Boracay sunset evening, we can carry even a few more people.

In case you have to be on time for a date – no problem. The Paraw boat is equipped with an inboard engine.

The “Misty Morning” is Boracay’s biggest and most comfortable, as well as the safest outrigger Paraw sailboat. As you see - we can carry quite a number of guests for your Boracay Sunset sailing.

For shure, a Boracay sunset sailing trip on this sail boat you will never ever forget.

Sunset Sailing in Boracay by Paraw

We carry enough livejackets even for children and our well trained crews will take care of your safety and comfort on our sunset sailing tour in Boracay.

We will be glad to arrange and book your Boracay sunset sailing tour on our Paraw sailboat.


Sunset sailing

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