Sailing around the island

Sailing around Boracay Island – The charter sailboat

For people who want to reward themselves

If you want to go sailing around Boracay Island by charter sailboat, the „Misty Morning“ is just te right boat to rent. Safe, comfortable and organized by professionals. The actual sailing- time is near two and a half hours. But there are some more things you can do to make your „sailing around Boracay Island“ day one of the most exiting during your holidays.

Why is our sailboat the safest for sailing 'round the Island?

Basically, on a calm day, all Paraw's are fairly safe to go sailing around the Island. Paraw sailboats in Boracay originally were constructed and built for the fishermen. And they didn't really care about high waves or low waves. Yet, since we are not fishermen, but we carry people who want to travel safe and in comfort, we offer a big boat that can match your expectations. That's the difference. On Boracay Island hopping tours or on a smoothe sunset sailing trip. On our boat, you'll feel at ease.

The hight and the lengh of the „Misty Morning“

Our Sailboat, the „Misty Morning“ is much higher than any other local Paraw sailboat. Means, the waves hit the boat on a point, much lower than where you sit and you don't take an unwanted "shower" every few minutes. So you can count on a relaxed Boracay boat charter trip.

Sailing around the island

The lengh of the boat

As compared to all oter Paraws o Boracay island, our sailboat is the longesrt of all. Imagine, some smaller orbigger waves coming right after each other: A small vessel will sail up the first wave, slide it down – and crush right ito the next. A larger sailboat will it the first wave and covre te next wave, due to it's lengh, both at the same time. Means, much more comfortable sailing.

Barbeque on Puka beach

After having circumnavigated Boracay Island, we can, if you want, stop over at the Puka beach grill area. Drinks are beeing sold there. The fish, or what ever you'd like to grill, we can assist you buying it on a market. After Puka beach, it's only a 20 minute sail to go back, to where we started from – „station one“.

And pretty shure, your day, sailing around the Island of Boracay, will be a „once in a lifetime“ experience.

Sailing around Boracay Island

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