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Paraw Sailboat
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A Paraw sailboat is a typical Philippino double outrigger sailboat. The traditional Visayan sail boat are originally used for fishing and transport of goods and people to sail between the islands.
It has a main sail and a gibb. It takes at least two people to sail it. Since it does’nt have a keel, it takes one person to be on the outriger to keep the sail boat in balance. This person is called a “balancer”.
The hull of a paraw is fairly slim and only one person will sit in the actual boat - the “Captain”. Passengers will sit on the outriggers.

Paraw renting Boracay Island

Paraw sailing Boracay. Paraws on Boracay Island, as a touristy place, have become an attraction to vacationers. On the “things to do” list in Boracay Paraw sailing it is one of the most frequented water sports activities.

The “Misty Morning” is a European built paraw with yacht sailing qualitys. The custom designed sails are made in Germany. Rent a sailboat as a smaller boat to charter in Boracay as one of the greater things to do there.

Paraw Boracay
Paraw sail build in Germany
Sails made in Germany

All professional saling gear, an inboard engine and everything it takes for your safety. In terms of ⛵️ Paraw sailboat rental Boracay - it's just the ⏩ best way to go. The professional seating areas are made of comfortable material, designed for “bluewater” cruising. We do have coolboxes for cold drinks and lighting systems for sailing at night. It is - a real “Luxury Paraw”. The perfect sailboat for comfortable day- sailing and island hopping around  Boracay Island.


Island hopping - sailing wih a Paraw

Carabao Island hopping


Paraw sailing during the daytime is extremely enjoyable. It’s just great to see the beautiful Boracay Island from the water. It is a very relaxing way to move around and it does not harm the environment. If you want to see the different islands around Boracay, island hopping by paraw is a very special adventure. It just feels great to be out there in the war tropical breeze, feel the waves an be right there in the elements. Paraw sailing Boracay - A must do, while you're there. Where to charter a Paraw in Boracay.

Sunset sailing on a Paraw

Sunset sailing Boracay

The Boracay sunsets are famous. With only the open ocean ahead, Boracay Island’s sunsets are just amazing. In fact, they can be true magic. To sail out into the setting sun on a Paraw – to feel like being right in it is an undescibable experience. To relax and enjoy the warm evenig ocean breeze and the setting sun in all of it’s colors from red to oranges, purples and blues is like a meditation.
For a sunset sailing trip you should be shure to have chartered the sail boat at least a few hours before. Just to be shure you even get one, because sunset is the time, when everybody wants to rent a Paraw.

If you want to charter the Paraw sail boatMisty Morning” we recommend to make a reservation at least one or two days ahead of time.



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