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If you like to go snorkeling on an island hopping tour, we like to take you to places, where almost noone ever goes. On our island hopping tours we prefer to go to places off the “beaten trail”. Since we offer exclusive island hopping tours, we only take 4 persons at a time for a bluewater sail, for example to Carabao island.

If you want to go snorkeling on your boat charter tour, you can be shure you will be the only 4 - 6 people to do that on places, we take you to.


Top secret snorkeling hideaways

Snorkeling nBoracay


There are some places we'd like to take you to, where noone ever goes near Boracay Island. We do keep them secret – so they will remain secret hideaways. If cou like to come, just let us know – we’ll be glad to take you there on your very private snorkeling - island hopping tour.

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