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Long term sailboat charter boracay

The sailboat „Misty Morning“ is also available for long term charter. For days, weeks or months. It always comes with a crew that will be there for your needs, safe sailing and protection. Sailboat charter Boracay, the traditional way of Phil. sailing.

How to approach the sailboat charter

I case you want to experience different islands without coming „home“, we will organize accomodation, find paces to eat and take care of your wellbeeing during te whole trip. Our guide (one of the experienced sailors) will travel to all the places you want to go, before your arrival and get things setteled and prepared.

To organize a log term boat rental trip, it will be best we meet on SKYPE or at your hotel in Boracay and talk straight about your special wishes and desires – also to settle a fair price for your trip. It will take a little time, to organize it all to your satisfaction. So we recommend to inqire early.

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Boracay Activities