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“Sail for the children”

Sail for the children

As we were building the “Misty Morning of Sambiray”, we were constantly surrounded by children who were curiously observing the building of the boat.

And as children are – there were questions over questions.

The day we were launching the sailboat into the South China Sea, they remained on the beach. And we could see in their eyes, what they dreamt of and wished.

We decided, since so much luck to be able to build such a boat is a blessing, to share it with the children.

Now once a month is children’s day. We will sail for free for children, that otherwise could never afford a sail like that.

We make shure, that sailing with children is as safe as can be.

Sail - Learning by doing
Where learning means future...

Why do we do it?


We think, giving back is nessesary. Sharing a gift to us stands way before a profit.

Of course our sailors need to live and feed their familys. The boat is a business.

But – we have enough to live well and happy.

Sharing  is the greatest gift we can make to ourselves.

... where sailing dreams come true.
... and dreams come true.

Learning by doing


Sailboat charter and rental in the Boracay Island area is a major part of tourist industry.

We teach the kids what they might be interested in doing, once they've grown up. Sail a boat, earn money by sailing and have an own income.

The kids are being tought for free and in a playful way, what could be useful to get a sailing job.


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