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Offshore – Bluewater sailing around Boracay Island

For people who want to reward themselves

If you like big waves, don't mind, getting wet and love to be in mids of the elements, this is the way to go. The „Misty Morning“ is the only safe- oceangoing sailboat you can charter for offshore sailing on Boracay Island.

Winds and high waves

Sitting on the beach, looking at silently splashing waves, you may wonder, how exiting offshore sailing would even be. What you can't even guess from that position; Only a few miles outside in the open sea, there'll be strong winds and high waves.

Offshore sailing – where to go

I you want to go offshore sailing and actually really go somewhere, we can recommend to sail to Carabao Island or to Buruangha. If you want the „small version“ we can take you sailig around Boracay Island. There are many different routes to sail to Carabao Island, as you see on our map. Soon as you leave the shelter of Boracay Island, you actually are offshore, as offshore can be.

Sailing to Buruangha

If you want to go offshore sailing to Buruagha, it takes a bit of time, in which you will get very wet. To sail there, during summer months, the wind will be in your back and in less than approximately one hour, you can be there. Buruangha is a very beautiful little town, very much worth a trip.

Bluewater feeling on the way back

The real „bluewater feeling“ you will get, sailing back to Boracay. We have to sail far into the „open sea“ in order to cross straight against the winds, sailing back to Boracay. And if that were'nt enough, there is also a strong current with short waves between Boracay and Caticlan. Our Paraw is built, to last. The outriggers are (as opposed to all other Paraw sailboats) inforced with steel inside as well as a few fiverglas layers on top. Built for bluewater sailing. Wet – you get anyway.

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