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Last minute booking of the sailboat

For people who want to reward themselves

There's always a chance, that someone who booked the boat can not show up for whatever reason – and we have a „last minute“ booking capacity. Last minute, in the charter – world means still, we need enough time to coordinate things for you. Boat rental in Boracay is worth a try. Just give us a call.

Time for coordination of a last minute trip.

Of course, if you want to book on short notice, it does'nt really mean, that you can book a bigger sailing tour the minute before. But – one day ahead of time, will already be enough. If you want to eat in a restaurant, we might have to call and see if they have capacitys. We need to check, is the crew available and so on.

How good are the chances?

„No guts – no glory“, that's all we can say. Of course, in peak season we are usually booked every day. Yet – it can still happen, someone calls off for business reasons or what so ever – and there is your chance.

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