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Painter Boracay Caticlan
Painter Boracay - Caticlan

Carpenter, painter & Contractor for boat building. In Boracay & Caticlan

A recommendation by "Boracay Activities" for Sir E.Tolinero. ✅ Contractor ⚒ Carpenter ✅ Painter  ⚓ boat builder for hire in Boracay / Caticlan. He is local craftsman and has lead many constructions as a good, reliable and experied working- contractor. He built our sailboat and painted it. He has our complete faith in his reliability.

Please note! "Boracay Activities" is not part of the business in any way. All we do here, is to recommend a good person we trust.

Carpenter Boracay Caticlan for hire. Call: ✆ +63 09 2033 69 10 2 | ✆ +63 09 9217 38 73 72

Sir. E. Tolinero was the carpenter and painter in Boracay to be recommended to us, as we wer looking for a reliable carpenter in Boracay or Caticlan to build our sailboat, the "Misty Morning." We needed a reliable vessel for island hopping in Boracay. He built it as a great carpenter and painted it as an experienced painter. The painter & Carpenter with the very best references between Boracay and Caticlan.

Contractor for local boat builders

The advantage in hiring local boat buildersis obvious. They do not need to be paid for long traveling distances as well as no hotel or other accomodation is needed. They will be the better carpenters or painters, because they will work more concentrated and relaxed, for they can spend the evenings with their familys.

Sir E. Tolinero, having been a Caticlan carpenter and painter, of course, after over 20 years of experience, knows all the people it takes, to build a house, a ship or a paraw yacht like ours. That includes welders, electricians and all kinds of other craftsmen. He is the one, to make ends meet.

Boat carpenter

What ever boat you want to have built, a sailboat (Paraw) a wooden cargo boat, a ferry or a pleasure boat, Mr. E. Tolinero is the man to talk to. One of the major advantages is, that he is not only the carpenter who builds the boat, but also the painter who will paint it. If you wish so, also with a very professional, shining coat of paint, done with an acrylic power brush. He also is able, to apply a remarkable art- work, when applying the boat's name onto the vessel. Next advantage: It all comes "out of one hand." Means; one person in charge, one person to deal with, one bill in the end.

If you would like to hire - the phone nr. you see in the picture above.

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