Team building incentive events

Sailing for team building and company incentive events in Boracay

For people who want to reward themselves

Sailig is one of the most exiting ways of incentive team building on Boracay Island.

Sailing is fun as well as it is an excellent „team sport“  activity for incentive events. Team activities, specially if they are fun, can be the most exiting form of a relaxed and motivating "get together". Enjoy a great day under sails, far away from an office, a computer or any other kind of work. Make friends and better colleagues.

Team building with fun

It's quite something, for employèes to meet te boss without a tie – just like the oss would stand besides the emloyée who is wearing shorts grilling a fish. Sailig loosenes the soul, relaxes and causes good moods. And basically, everbody on a sailboat is the same. A sailor. To sail a paraw sailboat, it takes so called „balancers“. Well, let your team be te „balancers“ and give the guys a break.

Captain for a day

Captain of the boat

Why not, be the captain of the boat for a while. Our Captain on duty will surely, in an uncomplicated sailing- situation, take over the rudder so you can show, „who the real captain is“.

Lunch together or grill at the grillstation

We do have friends on Carabao Island, in case this is the place you want to go to, that run a fine restaurant. If yo like, just let us know what you want to eat tere, already a day before – and you will be shure, it'll be there.

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