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Shopping in Sambiray and Argao

Who wants to take the time and chance to see some real Filipino live and style, should take a trip  to the village of Sambiray and  to Argao.

The way to do it: Take the so called pump boat from Boracay to Caticlan. From there it is a 10 minute ride on a tricycle to get to Sambiray and another 5 minutes to Argao.

The beaches are not white - but wild, natural and romantic. No way anybody is prepared to deal with a tourist. And that's
the best part of it.
Things are real there. People are  friendly and helpful and life is very very slow in these beautyful neighbourhoods.

Shopping in Sambiray and Argao - This shop has everything - but NO CLOUD NINE
"The coolest market ever"

Bananas, fish, bolts & candy.


Live is cheap and affordable. One kilo of fresh fish can cost as little as 120,- Peso. In Boracay for the same you can spend up to 500,- Peso.

Most of all, we enjoyed the friendliness of the people.

Alongside the "highway" there are many little shops.

The one on the picture though, is absolutely the very best. It's the shop of  Mr. Casidsid, who is also the Vice President of the sailing cooperative MASBOI.
This shop is the coolest ever.
You find anything from fish, chicken, bananas, bolts and sandpaper.

Our most favorite Filipino candy - "Cloud Nine" - they don't have it though. Shame shame shame !!! ((;-
To be honest - We prefer this market to any hi-tech airconditioned, heartless shoppingmall anywhere in the world.
Fresh fish at six in the morning, a friendly chat, a smoked cigarette during earley morning small talk -
a bag full of nails, sandpaper and  Bananas. Now who can beat that?

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