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Where can I rent a sailboat in Boracay?

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Yo can either go to Sation 1 and walk up to the freelancers that are right on the beach with their boats. Or call us directly >> Phone 0063 (0) 9217 387 372. Possibly we are sailing and in that case it could be, we don’t hear the phone ring imideately. In that case you can use our booking form on bottom of this page and one of us will get in touch with you soon as possible.

How to rent a sail boat

If you wann to go for an island hopping trip, it’s best you call us a few days in advance. One reason is, that we have to check availability – another reason is, that we have to check on weather reports to see about actual sailing possibilitys.

Another reason for advance booking with more than four persons is, that we have to check, which boats are free for a charter tour that very day.

We do have a cooperation with the MASBOI (Malay sailing boat owner’s cooperation) so that we will always find a sailboat for you to rent for a day or to charter for island hopping.



Sailboat booking

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