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As you see on the pictures below, sailing with children is no problem at all. Of course it can take the kids a few moments for them to get used to being on the water, to be bounced around by waves and even get wet.

Most children, like exactly that and get a real "kick" out of it.

On our Island hopping tours, we will sail partly on the open ocean with high waves and sometimes strong winds. We prefer, not to take children into this kind of situations.
On a normal Boracay summerday with moderate winds and waves, it will be our pleasure to have you and your children on board our charter sailboat.

Sailing with children – safety reqirements

We do have kids - livejackets on board for the safety of your children. The least that is reqired, is one person or parent, who has an eye on the children permanently. Children should at all times be held in the arm of a parent.

Also they need to be watched always, in times where the boat is docking and they like to go snorkeling or even just bathing. Sailboat charter with children - as safe as can be.

Children family Sailing
Children safe Sailing
Children Sailing
Reward for "sailing bravery"
Children Sailing - reward
Children Sailing - helping on board the sailboat


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