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Sail boat charter – Rental of Sailboat for offshore sailing.

offshore sailing

The sailboat Misty Morning has been built and constructed for coastal – as well as offshore sailing
around the Boracay waters. It was built as a European – Philippino joint venture.


offshore sailing boracay

It’s 30 feet lengh guarantees a smoothe ride through the waves.

The sails were custom designed and manufactured in Germany, made for every kind of wind and built to last forever.

An inboard 7,5 horsepower engine can help to land in places, that under sails would be hard to reach otherwise.

The small charter yacht of course will not bring you to Hong Kong or China. (Even though it probably could)

It is an excellent offshore sailer to sail between the neighboring islands for a joyfull island hopping adventure.

Offshore sailing around Boracay Island. One of the most exiting Boracay activities.

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