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The sailboat "Misty Morning" a small yacht for charter on Boracay Island  was developed and designed by the European artist and internet- marketing expert Mr. Chris Lejeune-Jung.

In the earley 80ties the performing artist came from a show in Japan to Boracay Island, having heared of it as being a good place to thake a rest.

This is, where he first saw and rented a small saiboat in the typical Philippino outrigger style called Paraw.

Much later, already being an internet marketing specialist, he came back to the island for a holiday .

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It was there, that he decided to build a boat, featuring Philippino Paraw structures, mixed with the high - tech of European Yach building.

He ordered a sailmakers company in nortern Germany to design and create sails in classical yacht design to custom develop and build the sails.


“Misty Morning” was actually built on a hill in a small jungle village in Malay Aklan called Sambiray.

Most sailors that sail their vessels around Boracay Island fort charter, come from Sambiray.

How did it get to the beach? The whole village helped carrying the several tons heavy yacht down the hill – and off it went.

After only one year of planning and building, the small yacht was launched on march 30.2012

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It is the only Paraw designed Yacht for charter in the area, that is eqipped with an engine. This way it can offer customers the comfort to still get back to shore in time even on days with only little wind.

As a security factor it’s good to have this engine in strong currents or even when wanting to dock in places that are hard to reach by sail only.

A dream came true.

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The vessel is beeing sailed by the experienced local captain Joseph Cahilig and his crew.

His sailing experience is your guarantee for a safe jouney around boracay island waters.

The owner himself passes by ever once in a while to enjoy his boat.

In the meantime it is there for you as a great sailboat for charter in Boracay for offshore trips or even to only rent it for an hour or more

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