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"Island hopping light" near and around Boracay by charter sail boat

This Tour "Island hopping light" will lead you to the small islands near and around Boracay Island.
If you have children that like to sail, on a calm day with low waves, this is where we can take you with them.
The shore is always very close and sailig distances are short. A perfect trip also for older people.

From Crystal Cove Island you have an great view onto Boracay Island. If yu like BBQ, there are excellent opportunitys as well as for snorkeling. Just let us know via our booking inqiry, if you want to bring your own food or if you want us to bring it for you.
All is possible.

If you like just calm sailing around the small islands between Boracay and Caticlan, you will enjoy some great sites. We
can highly recomment to stop over at Puka Shell beach (see on map) for a picnic or a visit at the local restaurant.
If you want to charter  our sailboat for that tour, we recommend to take 4-5 hours time. Best to leave in the
early morning. If you like it more individual, with great overseas sailing, you should check on our tours to Carabao Island. See Boracay Island hopping.

The price:
The price depends on the services you choose for your tour.
Give us a call or inqire free of charge and obligations by our booking form.


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