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Hotel on Carabao Island.

For people who want to reward themselves

The Beach House

Hotel Beach House Carabao Island
The Beach House

We met the owner of the magnifcant place "The Beach House" “David", just as we landed our boat right in front of his place on the beach. He turned out to be a true admirer of our sail boat. We turned out to be true admierers of his hotel.

For people who like it “classy” – don’t mind spending a little more money for a place that is well wort it, the “Beach house” is the place to go.

"David" seems to have put every ounce of of his live's energy into this "Colonial style" place. Every angle shows his love to architecture. Every room provides the peace of a personal "hideaway" to relax. A meditation in itself.

We had an excellent breakfast and dinner at "The Beach House", stayed over night and felt like “really going in style".

The Carabao Hotel as well as restaurants are a very special class of its own. They have our highest recommendation.


Hotel terrace
Beach House hotel interior
Styled rooms at the Hotel in Carabao Island

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