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Water Sports activities in Boracay

One of the most popular water sports activities on Boracay Island is sailing. Though sailing is – from a physical point of view a fairly passive kind of water sports activities, it is one of the most frequented water sportst on Boracay Island.

The paraw sailboats, as you find them on Boracay Island Philippines, can’t be sailed passively. They always need, what is called – “balancers”. Balancers have to be on the side of the outrigger, to keep the boat in balance. On a longer trip, that can take several hours,can actually feel like a workout. If you really want to get into it. So - Boracay water sports activities as active as can be. Island hopping by sailboat info.

Water Sports Activities Sailing Boracay
Watersports activities - Sailing Boracay
Watersports activities sailboat charter Boracay

Boracay Water sports activities - Sailing

The “Misty Morning” sail boat is an ocean going cruiser and sailing it in “bluewater” can – as you see on the pics. – be quite an intese water sport activity. Video and more photography about sailing in Boracay you find on this page –

Of course you can charter the sail boat for an easy going sunset sailing trip as well or for a smoothe sail along Boracay’s beaches. See: Boracay water sports activities sailing video.

But – you can also make it your Boracay water sports activity by going a bit offshore, be in the elements and feel bigger waves and winds.

More infos you find under “sail boat charter Boracay” and where to charter a sail boat


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