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In a country of islands, what could be more appealing than to go sailing. One can do short trips to snorkel or scuba dive or to check out nearby islands. The typical Filipino vessels are canoes or simple outriggers known as a banka and powered by a motor or paddles. A paraw has a long hull with a sail and double outriggers for stability, it can technically be called a trimaran. Usually manned by a 2 person sailing crew and meant to take up to 6 passengers, without a deep keel, they skim quickly over the water and can go right up onto the beach without needing a dock.


Rent a sailboat

Boracay sailing

A typical island hopping offer from Boracay might include: Rent a sailboat and go to Crocodile Island, Puka Shell Beach, Panoly Beach and Crystal Cove, which is on Laurel Island near the southern tip of Boracay where one has a nice view over Boracay, a nice white beach but it’s main attraction are 2 small caves, which can be explored inside or accessed by the sea where people snorkel around if the tide isn’t too rough.

One can rent a private boat or join a group. Typical price for 3 – 4 hours “island hopping” which is actually a tour around Boracay, visiting various beaches and coves with the addition of an other island or two in a  group of 3 – 6 people is around 500 PHP/person.

Rental of sailboat Boracay


Some destinations have an additional “environmental” entry fee, additional charges for snorkelling gear and often end up taking you to a restaurant where they get a commission, so take money for additional expenses and possibly a packed lunch.


Such tours can often leaving one wanting more because not all of the promised destinations were seen or the times were too short or one felt cheated by the ever added costs and then pressure for a big tip.


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