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Para sailing


With the surrounding reefs, the waters around Boracay are usually calm enough for most water sports.

Bulabug Beach on the east coast is the center of water sport activity dependant on wind like windsurfing or sail-boarding. Sports with motorized vessels like speedboats, water-skiing or jetskis usually use White Beach.

Para-sailing aka para-kiting is like paragliding but rather than run off of a cliff, one is pulled by a boat with a chute harnessed above you so that you get pulled up into the air. The faster the boat goes, the higher you fly. Harnesses for 1 – 3 people are usually available.

For safety reasons, this is done a distance from shore to avoid collisions. Parasailing typically costs 2500 PHP/person (15 minutes flying time) including speedboat, boatman, equipment.

Banana fun ride is a long inflatable raft that one mounts and is pulled by a speedboat so one experiences the speed and thrill of water skiing without needing the technical skill. For 5 to 8 people it costs 300 PHP/ person for 15 minutes all included.

Flying fish ride. The flying fish ride aka Tornado Jet boat is a hovercraft pulled by a speed boat, cost 600 PHP/person for 15 minutes, minimum 3 people, price can be lower with more people, maximum is 6 – 8 people depending on the craft.

Speedboats are offered by at least 20 operations in addition to being provided to guest at the upper class resorts. Typical rental 1 hour – 3500 PHP including up to 5 people, additional passengers 500PHP/person, includes, boat, guide, refreshments and snorkelling gear. No licence needed for close to shore routes. Wearing of life-preservers is mandatory and drinking and driving forbidden.

Jetski costs vary widely according to various factors and the company, so it pays to shop around and compare. Typical is 2000 - 2500 PHP for 30 minutes and some can carry up to 3 people. They are usually parked at floating rafts a distance from the shore and you will be taken there in a boat. This is for safety reasons, which also require jetskiers stick to regulated routes.

Water-skiing, 1000 PHP/person for 15 minutes. Is not as popular as jet-skiing since it takes more skill and experience and is only possible during Dec. – May when the water is calm.

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