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With the surrounding reefs, there are not enough waves to surf on Boracay although one resort offers beginners lessons in its wave pool.
But with calm waters and plenty of wind especially Nov. - April, it is a windsurfers dream, some claim the top location in Asia. Two other related sports that have become popular on the island are kiteboarding and skimboarding.

With kiteboarding one stands on a windsurfing type board but smaller like for snowboarding (done on snow, it’s known as snowkiting or on land with something a skateboard with large wheels – powerkiting) and is pulled by the wind with a parachute like kite.

There is a line attached from ones midsection to the kite and a bar to manually control the kite’s direction.
Like windsurfing, it takes some practice to get the hang of kiteboarding so its worth investing enough in lessons and taking it step by step before intending to get out there with the pros. Compared to water-skiing, it is also more ecological and one saves the cost of a powerboat.


is done on a more flat, roundish board than by surfing. And rather than “riding” waves in, the point is to run out in the direction of the water, throw the board down into the shallow water and jump on and use your momentum to skim out.
Then one turns and takes the wave back in, at the point where a normal surfer would be starting to paddle out. The best style of board and possible tricks depends on the flatness of the water. It might look less intimidating than surfing big waves but then one tends to fall into deeper water while surfing. With skimboarding, it’s all done in shallow water, meaning falls tend to impact the underlying sand (or rocks) and the initial landing on the board can be hard to control and one risks twisting something.

Although technically easier and cheaper than kitesurfing and often promoted as an “easy” water sport and possible for kids, skimboarding is a fun but somewhat risky activity.
Boracay International Fun Board Cup is an annual event for world class windsurfers and kiteboarders. See Festivals and Events section for more information.

Although there are some possibilities to rent equipment and take lessons on White Beach, due to its windy conditions, the center of water sport activity is Bulabug Beach on the east coast. Skim-boarding is usually done at White Beach

An example of costs:
Kite-boarding 2750 PHP for 2 hour lesson or half-day equipment rental. Most shops have International Kiteboarding
Organization (IKO) certified instructors.

Skim-boarding about 300 PHP for a 1-hour lesson.


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